DMV Victory at Financial Responsibility Hearing—Oakland Driver Safety Office 2

Case History: California Drivers Advocates was engaged to assist a physician whose driver license was in jeopardy of being suspended for violation of California’s compulsory Financial Responsibility Law.  The 42 year old medical doctor was involved in a minor traffic collision in the area of Oakland on December 1, 2015. [...]

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I Don’t Own a Vehicle so How Can the DMV Suspend My License for Financial Responsibility

How does Financial Responsibility affect a driver?   When the California Legislature adopted California’s Financial Responsibility Laws, it was their intention that ANY PERSON who drives or owns a motor vehicle in the State of California be able to prove that the vehicle is covered by some form of Financial [...]

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What are the penalties for failing to prove Financial Responsibility at the DMV?

What causes the DMV to suspend a license for Financial Responsibility?  In 1974, the California Legislature passed a series of laws making drivers and owners of motor vehicles financially responsible for any damage, injury or death caused in a traffic accident. Found in sections 16000 through 16078 of the [...]

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Why Does the DMV Suspend My Driver License for Financial Responsibility

What is the history California’s Financial Responsibility Law?  Ever since the first automobiles began slogging through the dusty roads of early California, there has been an awareness that the ownership and operation of these marvelous machines can, at times, result in personal injury or property damage. Prior to 1920, [...]