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DMV Hearings with California Drivers Advocates


Our team is no stranger to DMV hearings. No matter what type of DMV hearing you have scheduled, we can help. We take every one of our client’s DMV hearings with the utmost level of care. From full analysis of details to extensive research on each individual case, we can uncover the important facts and support to make every DMV hearing a success for our clients. Attention to detail is our promise to our clients. We have the experience and training to represent our client’s in all forms of DMV hearings. Our team’s experience includes, but is not limited to: law enforcement agents, DMV Retirees, special investigators, administrative advocates, forensic toxicologists and many more.  Do not trust one of the most serious matters in your life with a less qualified team.

California Drivers Advocates can represent you at the following types of DMV hearings:

This type of hearing normally occurs after an alcohol related arrest or detention. For drivers older than 21, an APS suspension will automatically trigger upon an alcohol level of .08% or greater. For drivers under the age of 21, DMV enforces a “zero tolerance” standard; in this case an APS suspension will automatically trigger upon an alcohol level of .01% or greater. Also, APS suspensions can occur as result of a driver’s refusal to submit to a chemical test, or a minor’s (under 21) refusal to submit to a Preliminary Alcohol Screen (PAS), at the request of a police officer. Remember, the APS suspension is automatic; defending yourself is not. Call CDA for advice on how to protect yourself….Read More About APS Hearings….
This type of hearing is normally caused by a driver who accumulates too many points (citations for moving violations) within a specified period of time. A driver may also appear at a Negligent Operator Hearing if involved in a fatality accident or, if the DMV believes the driver has demonstrated a lack of driving skill. Failure to protect yourself properly can result in the total suspension of your driving privilege for six months or more. Proper representation at a Negligent Operator Hearing may reduce or eliminate this suspension.…Read More about Negligent Operator Hearings…
This type of hearing is normally triggered when a driver is suspected of having a medical or mental condition that may render him/her unable to safely drive on public roadways. Senior citizens often face these types of hearings after contact with a police officer or following an automobile accident. Driver’s suffering with certain types of medical conditions such as epilepsy or degenerative vision may find themselves in such a hearing. Those drivers suspected of being addicted to alcohol, prescription medications, or drugs can also face the revocation of their driving privilege…..Read More About Physical & Mental Hearings….
This type of hearing usually is triggered by the DMV discovering that an applicant for a “Special Certificate” to drive a specialized vehicle has prior convictions for crimes of “moral turpitude.” These hearings can also occur when the DMV learns that a driver, who already possesses a “Special Certificate,” has prior convictions and the DMV seeks to revoke the existing certificate..…Read More about Special Certificate Hearings….
This type of hearing is normally the result of a driver, who is on probation for a previous DUI conviction, being found driving with a “measurable amount” of alcohol in their blood stream. Classically, this driver is stopped for a simple moving or mechanical violation and, during the contact with the police, is found to be on probation. California Law requires DUI probationers to submit to a “Preliminary Alcohol Screen” (PAS) test at the request of a police officer. If a probationer blows into one of these hand-held devices and registers “any” alcohol level at all, he/she has violated the terms of their probation and the DMV will seek to suspend that person’s driver license for one year. Even if the alcohol level is too low for this driver to be prosecuted in court, zero-tolerance is enforced by the DMV. Another cause for the “zero tolerance” hearing is the underage driver….Read More About Zero Tolerance Hearings….

There is no question that the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) possesses the power to grant a person the privilege to drive a motor vehicle in the State of California. In granting that driving privilege, the DMV is also tasked with the solemn responsibility of protecting traffic safety.

Traffic Safety, and most specifically the safety of the motoring public, is clearly endangered by those persons who drive while under the influence of an intoxicant. Traffic Safety is also endangered by those persons who drive recklessly or with a wanton disregard for the safety of other drivers. Traffic Safety, however, is also affected by those persons who secure a driving privilege through fraudulent means….Read More About Fraudulent Activity Hearings….

Every person who owns or operates a motor vehicle in the State of California, is mandated to maintain appropriate liability insurance on that vehicle. This insures that any persons injured, or any property damaged, as a result of an automobile accident or incident can be compensated for that injury or damage. It is the goal of this law to make sure that victims of accidents are “made whole” to the extent possible.….Read More About Financial Responsibility Hearings….
AB 60 is a law permitting any eligible California resident to apply for and receive a California Driver License, regardless of their immigration status. AB 60 rolls back a previous law that discriminated against immigrants since 1993 by making it impossible for undocumented immigrants to lawfully obtain a driver license.If you are denied a driver license under the provisions of AB 60, you are entitled to a formal hearing to appeal the decision..….Read More About AB 60 Driver License Hearings….
Of all the Administrative Hearings conducted by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), the most emotional and gut wrenching are the Fatality Hearings. The California Vehicle Code permits the suspension or revocation of any person’s driving privilege if they are involved in a traffic collision which results in the death or serious injury of another person. So, in addition to the physical and mental trauma already suffered in a traffic collision, you may also have your driving privilege completely stripped away if another person has died or has been seriously injured.…..Read More About Fatality Hearings….

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