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You Have as Little as 5 days for DMV Notification

You May Have As Little As 5 Days To Contact The DMV To Initiate Your Defense. We Can Successfully Defend You.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) possesses the power to suspend or revoke the driving privilege of anyone who operates a motor vehicle in the State of California. Even a person who drives in California with an out‐of state drivers license is subject to the controls of the DMV. Before the DMV can take an administrative action to suspend or revoke a person’s driving privilege, however, California Law mandates that the affected driver be given the opportunity to oppose the intended suspension by conducting an administrative hearing. Before a hearing can occur, DMV notification must take place.

DMV Notification Must Take Place

The MOST CRITICAL first step in protecting one’s driving privilege is to take the proactive step of contacting the DMV to set up the DMV administrative hearing. The DMV does not automatically grant any hearing for the accused driver. California Law places the burden of contacting the DMV squarely on the shoulders of the driver or their advocate. Act now and let our team handle your DMV notification process.

DMV Notification Within 5 to 14 Days!!!

Everything the DMV does is time sensitive and requires a driver to act quickly. If you have been arrested for DUI, received a notice of re-examination from a police officer, or received a notice of suspension from the DMV, the amount of time during which you must act will vary from 5 to 14 days, depending upon the issue. If a driver fails to make the correct DMV contact within the specified period of time, their right to a hearing may be forfeit and the license suspension becomes automatic.

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We Are Ready To Start Your Defense Now

If you have received any Notice  call us now. We will contact the DMV immediately to preserve your right to a hearing and to lay out a strategy that works.   With years of experience , we know what the DMV is looking for; we know how to prepare you and assist you on the path to victory. Victory at the DMV means you keep your license and your driving freedom. Don’t let the DMV take away your freedom without a fight.

If the DMV is Your Problem, California Drivers Advocates is Your Solution!!!

We’ll be happy to answer your questions at no cost or obligation. If we can’t help, we’ll at least tell you about your other options.

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