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Fraudulent Activity Hearings with the DMV

fraudulent activity hearing

What is a Fraudulent Activity Hearing?   –   If the DMV receives information that a driver MAY have been involved in fraudulent activity but, is uncertain, it may order the driver to participate in an administrative reexamination. The DMV Hearing Officer must make a determination if there is sufficient information to establish that a driver knowingly committed fraud. A fraudulent activity hearing is where this determination is made.

What Happens if I Don’t Participate in a Fraudulent Activity Hearing?   –   If you fail to contact the DSO within the appropriate time frame, it is considered a waiver of your right and you WILL NOT be provided an opportunity to defend yourself. At that point, the suspension or revocation of your license becomes automatic. To protect yourself, contact California Drivers Advocates immediately. Our expert team of Administrative Advocates have encountered nearly every form of fraud and have experienced the mistakes made by the DMV.

How to Fight a Fraudulent Activity Hearing?

If you receive Notice of Reexamination or Notice of Revocation from the DMV, you must act quickly. California Law mandates that a driver who receives any such notice, must contact the Driver Safety Office (DSO) near their home and request an “Administrative Hearing.” Once again, if contact with the DSO is not made, the DMV will automatically suspensed/revoke your license. Don’t let a simple mistake of fact or error in judgment cost you your driver license. Call the professionals at California Drivers Advocates immediately. We will take the immediate steps necessary to put you back on the road and to protect your driving freedom.

 How We Help at Fraudulent Activity Hearing?   –   When you contact CDA, we will immediately step in to defend your rights. We will contact the DMV to insure your right to a hearing is preserved and your driving privilege is extended, when appropriate. Your Representative from CDA will ensure that a clear, concise and professional argument is prepared to “rebut” (disprove) the DMV’s allegation. Your representative is permitted to present documentary evidence and witnesses in the presentation of your case. It is likely that the DMV Hearing Officer will want to hear from you directly. Your CDA representative will have you completely prepared to present your testimony in a clear, honest and accurate fashion; and your representative will ensure that the information you provide is not taken out of context. It is critical that all information presented be clearly understood.

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