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Physical or Mental Re-examinations

What is a Physical or Mental Re-Examination

There are times when a California driver’s  physical or mental capacity may be brought into question by the DMV.  If there is any suspicion that a physical or mental condition may affect a driver’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle, that person will come under the scrutiny of the California Department of Motor Vehicles.  The DMV is granted sweeping authority to suspend any person’s privilege to drive until  it can be determined that driver no longer poses a threat to others. The process by which the DMV reviews and evaluates is referred to as a physical or mental re-examination.


What happens if I don’t respond to my Physical or Mental Re-Examination?

If the DMV has mailed you a “Notice of Re-examination” or the more immediate “Notice of Priority Re-Examination,”  make no mistake……..The DMV intends to suspend or revoke your driver license………..Period.  When you receive such notice, this means the DMV has received information from any number of sources that suggests you have some type of physical or mental condition which renders you unsafe to drive.  The DMV possesses the absolute power to suspend your driver license and will act swiftly to take you off the road if they believe it is justified.  Ignoring a Notice of Re-Examination or Priority Re-Examination is a huge mistake.   A failure to act quickly virtually assures that a suspension or revocation of your driver license will be ordered.  The process by which the DMV evaluates a driver’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle is a Physical and Mental evaluation.   Often referred to as a “P & M” hearing, a “lack of skill” inquiry, or a “medical suspension” hearing, the physical or mental re-examination is initiated in several stages.  Attempting to address this type of process without professional guidance is pointless.

  • Loss of Driver’s License
  • Increased Automobile Insurance
  • Inability to Work & Provide Income

How to Protect my Driving Privilege when facing a Physical or Mental Re-examination?

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As is always the case with administrative actions taken by the DMV, physical or mental re-examination, or the more immediate Priority Re‐Examination, requires the driver to act within very short periods of time. If you receive a “Notice of Re‐Examination” you may have as little as five days to protect your driving privilege. Even if you cannot afford to retain our services, we can advise you what must be done to protect your driving privilege. Remember, responding quickly and appropriately is critical to preventing the loss of your driving privilege.


How We Help A Clients facing Physical or Mental Re-examinations?

Our professional team of Advocates and Investigators has been representing drivers  at Physical & Mental re-examinations for decades.  We understand exactly what it takes to represent you at your physical & mental re-examination hearing in a professional and caring manner.  We have the resources and experience to ensure all aspects of your case are covered and that you are provided the best possible chance to maintain your driving freedom.  Detailed research of each client’s specific situation, anticipating the concerns of the DMV, and a clear attention to detail are key to success.  A complete analysis of the client’s situation coupled with a formal plan of attack, provide our clients the best possible chance of of victory.  DO NOT trust your driving future to a less experienced team as it may result in the Loss of Your Driving Privilege.


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