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What is a DMV Defense Expert?

A DMV Defense Expert is an individual or team who possess an intricate knowledge of all DMV administrative suspension processes and all the tactics used by the DMV to take away your driving privilege.  There are numerous means by which the DMV may suspend or revoke your driver license and a DMV Defense Expert has the training and experience to prevent that from happening.  A DMV Defense Expert will have many years devoted to understanding the laws that govern DMV suspension hearings as well as the process and procedures involved.  A true DMV Defense Expert will devote the vast majority of their time and effort to preparing for DMV Hearings and representing drivers at those hearings.  If you are facing the possible loss of your driving privilege, a DMV Defense Expert is your best option to overcome that threat.

What Can a DMV Defense Expert Do For Me?

The benefits of utilizing a DMV Defense Expert are numerous.  When faced with the prospect of losing one’s driving privilege, many drivers will simply give up or begin planning to live their lives without the benefit of a driving privilege.  This approach literally defeats you before you have even begun to fight.  Also, there are many penalties that follow the loss of one’s driving privilege such an attendance at costly schools or a significant increase in insurance costs.   Additionally, a tarnish on one’s driving record may cause a loss of employment or being denied a job promotion.  If you are searching for a job, a license suspension can make job searches more difficult.  A DMV Defense Expert can use their training and experience to minimize these set-backs or to avoid them entirely.

    • Save your Driver’s License
    • Reduction in insurance rates
    • Ability to Work & Provide Income

Why We’re the Best DMV Defense Experts.

Call and talk to a DMV Defense Expert.

Our team of professionals has been representing drivers at all forms of DMV hearings for decades.  Also, DMV Defense is the only thing that we do.  We know the process and we know what it takes to be successful at beating the DMV. We will examine documents, interview witnesses, and subpoena additional evidence; such as audio and video tapes.  We will subpoena breath testing logs and medical documents.  In some instances we may subpoena the police officer to appear for cross-examination.  It is our policy to prepare for and conduct your hearing similar to a “mini-trial.”   Trust our DMV Defense Experts to get the job done correctly.  A less experienced person or team may result in the loss of your driving privilege.


The Mission of Our DMV Defense Experts.

“The mission of California Drivers Advocates is to provide the highest quality representation to our clients at administrative hearings before the California Department of Motor Vehicles.  Understanding the freedom to drive is critical to living and working in the State, we will represent  our clients with integrity, honesty, professionalism and respect.  Remaining accessible, efficient and caring are our daily goals.  We understand our clients fear and objectives and will strive to meet or exceed their expectations.  We dedicate ourselves to these core values.”

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It is critical that you be represented by an Administrative Advocate or attorney that is considered to be a DMV Defense Expert to ensure that the Hearing Officer correctly considers all of the evidence during your  hearing.

Our DMV Defense Expert Team is Comprised of Many Different Experts

CDA employs the services of several Administrative Advocates to fight for our clients at DMV hearings. Our Advocates are not attorneys. Our Advocates are former police officers or former DMV hearing officers with years of experience and thousands of administrative hearings under their belt. Our experience comes from the streets and from battles fought at the DMV. We grew out of the trenches and have the experience and the backbone to stand up for you..…Learn More about DMV Administrative Advocates….
 Although your Administrative Advocate is your Champion who faces down the DMV hearing officers, there would be no success at a DMV hearing without the diligent and expert work of our investigators. CDA’s investigators are literally the “cream of the crop.” Decades of experience and an unwavering commitment to the truth is the hallmark of our investigators. .…Learn More about Our Investigators….
Attacking the accuracy and reliability of scientific evidence is the job of the Forensic Alcohol Expert, sometimes referred to as a Forensic Toxicologist. A Forensic Alcohol Expert is a scientist with expertise in analyzing and determining the presence of alcohol in blood, breath, or urine samples. Properly presented at a DMV administrative hearing, the testimony of a Forensic Alcohol Expert can be vital in proving that a chemical test was not properly administered or that the evidence collected is not reliable.  ….Learn More about Forensic Toxicologist….
California Drivers Advocates are not attorneys and even though we provide the highest level of care to our clients for DMV hearings, we cannot represent our clients in the superior court process. To provide a well rounded and targeted service, we have found and partnered with some of the best DUI attorneys in California ….See Our Recommended DUI Attorneys….

Mr. Collier served with distinction as a Law Enforcement Specialist with the United States Air Force and received an honorable discharge. He is a graduate of the United States Air Force Security Police Academy and the United States Army Police Investigators School. While stationed at Edwards Air Force Base, Mr. Collier was one of the first Security Police Specialists to provide “close‐in” security for Space Shuttle Missions when that program was new.

Mr. Collier is a Distinguished Graduate of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Academy (Class 228) and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Special Weapons and Tactics School (SWAT). He received specialized training in basic accident investigation and determining speed from skids at the San Bernardino Sheriff Academy.

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Serving the public with a major metropolitan law enforcement agency, Mr. Collier was a patrol officer, field training officer, and traffic enforcement officer. As a member of an Orange County DUI task force, Mr. Collier made more than 1,000 arrests for DUI. He has written or reviewed more than 4,000 DUI arrest reports, participated in DUI Sobriety Checkpoints and was qualified to operate an array of Breath/Alcohol devices. Mr. Collier was a member of the department’s SWAT team and in 1992 was presented the “Award of Valor” from the United States Senate and the American Legion.

Mr. Collier served as a narcotics investigator assigned to the “Weeds and Seeds” program overseen by then United States Attorney General, William Barr. He is a Drug Recognition Expert and Field Sobriety Test Instructor. He has qualified as an expert witness in the Superior Courts and Driver Safety Offices in San Diego, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.
As a licensed private investigator, he spent many years conducting investigations in death penalty cases for the Riverside County Conflict Panel.

For nearly 15 years, Mr. Collier was the Operations Officer for one of the most prominent specialty DUI law firms in the country. Reporting directly to that firm’s owner, Mr. Collier directed the day to day operations of DUI attorneys, investigators, expert witnesses and support staff. He developed the firm’s “white glove” policy of client care that is now the hallmark of our company. He has been involved in the preparation, investigation, and presentation of literally thousands of DMV administrative hearings throughout Southern California.

Receiving hands on training from defense attorneys, retired DMV hearing officers, and some of the best scientific experts in the field, Mr. Collier possesses a unique level of experience; making him a true expert in the field of Administrative Advocacy.

Mr. Collier is our Chief Advocate and available to represent clients in all categories of DMV hearings in California. If your case is assigned to one of our other professional advocates, Mr. Collier will personally review and supervise each case. He is accessible to each and every one of our clients.

A comment from our founder:

“Thank you for visiting CDA’s website. If you are researching our company, you probably have some nightmare developing with the California DMV. You have reason for concern but please understand you don’t have to face the DMV alone. Whether you’re a bank CEO or a soccer mom, I know how critical it is to protect your driving privilege. If you’re an ambulance driver or a bus driver, I know your very career depends on beating the DMV at their own game.

We can help. My staff and I are committed to giving each of our clients the “white glove” treatment they seek but rarely find. We won’t stop fighting until the case is completed. We will keep you fully apprised of your case during each stage of development. It’s your life, it’s your driving privilege and we owe you the comfort of knowing where your case stands.

Above all else…… Fight for yourself. Don’t let the DMV steal your license and turn your life upside down without a fight. Even if you can’t afford to hire us, call us. At the very least, allow us to educate you, answer your questions, and point you in the right direction.”

If the DMV is Your Problem, California Drivers Advocates is Your Solution!!!

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