Why did I Receive a DMV Order of Suspension or Revocation for Fraud

What is a DMV Order of Suspension/Revocation for Fraudulent Activity?   –   If you have received a notice from the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) entitled “Order of Suspension/Revocation,” the DMV has just put you on notice that they have begun the process to suspend or cancel your privilege to drive motor vehicles in the State of California. You must read the notice further to determine why the DMV is taking this action. If your form tells you the action is being taken pursuant to the provisions of California Vehicle Code (CVC) section 12809 and that this action is being taken because you committed an act of fraud.

You have just been told that the DMV believes you have been involved in fraudulent activity in the application for, or renewal of, a driver license. They may also suspect you have been involved in the fraudulent use of an existing driver license.

Don’t be confused; this notice is not suggesting the DMV may suspend your driver license. This notice tells you the DMV has already conducted an investigation and is already convinced of your complicity in an act of fraud. The California Vehicle Code empowers the DMV to strip you of your driving privilege and this notice tells you the process has begun.

Fortunately, the laws of Procedural Due Process provide that an accused person must be given the opportunity to defend themselves. Your notice will tell you that if you wish to contest the suspension/revocation action, you have an opportunity to defend yourself by scheduling an Administrative Hearing with the DMV. If you hope to protect your driving privilege, there is simply no other way to achieve that goal. You must schedule, conduct and win a Fraudulent Activity Hearing before the DMV, or your driver license will be gone….. Period!

How do I Schedule a Fraudulent Activity Hearing at the DMV?

If you have decided to defend yourself at a fraudulent activity hearing, you must understand that you are about to embark on a process that is confusing, frustrating and difficult to navigate. If you have any hope of prevailing at your hearing, it must be managed and developed properly from the first moment. A fraudulent activity hearing is a full-blown evidentiary hearing where exhibits are presented, evidence is examined, witnesses may testify and legal arguments are filed. Few Californians are versed enough to properly conduct such a hearing themselves. Also, there are very few attorneys in California who have any experience in conducting a fraudulent activity hearing with the DMV. Our best advice is to contact the DMV Defense Experts at California Drivers Advocates immediately after receiving the Order of Suspension/Revocation from the DMV.   We have been conducting Fraudulent Activity Hearings with the Department of Motor Vehicles for years and know how to win.

Setting up your Fraudulent Activity Hearing should be as simple as telephoning the nearest Office of Driver Safety and making a request. The reality is, however, that the Support Staff at the Driver Safety Office are actually trained and instructed to dissuade a person from scheduling a hearing if they can. We have heard reports of DMV Staff Members telling a driver, “There is no point in fighting this. We have the evidence. Just take the suspension.” This is ludicrous but it’s true.

To properly protect yourself from the beginning, you must to react properly and quickly. Your Order of Suspension/Revocation will likely tell you that initial contact must be made with the DMV within 14 days of the receipt of the notice. This time will pass quickly and if you do not contact the DMV within that time frame, you forfeit your right to a hearing.

Don’t leave anything to chance. Call California Drivers Advocates today. We will make the appropriate contact with the DMV and guide you down the path to victory.

What Happens if I Don’t Contact the DMV?

To put it bluntly, your driver license will be suspended or revoked without any further notice. As stated above, by the time you receive the Order of Suspension/Revocation, the DMV has already conducted its investigation. It has already decided that they have legal cause to take your driver license. The notice you receive is nothing more than a “heads-up” that your driver license is in jeopardy and an invitation to show the DMV why they are wrong.

If you value your driving privilege and your reputation, taking no action is not an option. Don’t let the DMV steal one of your most important property rights without a fight.

Failure to schedule, conduct and win a Fraudulent Activity hearing will result in a minimum suspension of your driver license for one year.

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Dealing with the DMV is difficult in the best of scenarios. When they have begun a suspension or revocation action against you, it can get real ugly, real fast. Don’t take on the DMV by yourself.

California Drivers Advocates is staffed by former police officers, former DMV hearing officers, licensed investigators and scientists. Whatever your case requires, we are prepared to provide. Call CDA today. Let our training and experience go to work for you.

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