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Our Emailed and Mailed Reviews and Thank You Cards:

Mr.Collier helped me in a situation where the DMV tried to revoke all of my driving privileges do to having an open book while taking a written test. He kept me driving throughout the entire process and at the end of it, all actions taken against me were “set aside” Mr.Collier is a specialist when pertaining to DMV policy and he knows how the DMV works and will base his case for you with past legal court cases and his experiences as an officer of the law. A typical lawyer DOES NOT know how to proceed with special circumstance cases and you will most likely end up spending a lot of money and have negative results going the lawyer route.

Mr.Collier walked me through the entire process and filed the correct paperwork onetime and in a professional manner. He saved not only my driving privileges, but my job and my ability to support my family. When I asked for references he provided me many attorneys that use his services and they all recommend him. My situation was stressful, and turned my life upside down. He was able to communicate with the DMV going through the proper channels and knows most if not all the hearing officers. I wouldn’t have been able to do this by myself and I am thankful I ran across his website. There is a reason why he has all 5 star ratings. I am not receiving any compensation for writing this review. I am writing this review because it is my way of saying “thank you”.

AD, San Luis Obispo
Thank you for confirming that there are no restrictions or conditions on my driving. This is an immense relief and I want to thank you again for all of your hard work, guidance and support. I appreciate all of your efforts and am very pleased with the results. Thank you again!
Sam K.
I am infinitely grateful to have you working on my case. You have handled yourself in such a professional, competent, and proactive manner that I am reassured and impressed, independent of outcomes. It is rare nowadays to encounter such high caliber professionals, but more so, high quality people dedicated and committed to their craft.
Jorge A.
Hi Rob, I got my reinstated Driving licence back today and I wanted to thank you very much. Now I know what the value of freedom means. My very sincere thanks for your great service and it will always be appreciated.
John V.
I would like to start off by thanking Rob and his staff at CDA, they did an outstanding job in helping me recover my driving privilege. Rob personally worked on my case and was very thorough and knows what he is doing. He even dug up stuff I wasn’t even aware of! Very detail oriented and a true professional, knows the law and is familiar with every Drivers Safety Office and knows how they operate. Once again I can’t thank you enough. Rob made it so much easier to deal with, just when I thought I was all alone I found him and changed my life (did I mention I interviewed with an officer at Drivers Safety and was completely shot down!) Rob set up appointment for a hearing and was successful all in just a couple of weeks. Feel free to use me as a reference with anyone, I don’t mind at all, Thanks!
Guillermo S.
On January 1, 2014 I experienced a car accident where my passenger and best friend of 21 years passed away at the scene. I was hit by a drunk driver who sped away from the scene. Needless to say I was experiencing a number of emotions and feelings as a result of this tragic event.

About a few months later, I received a letter from the DMV stating that they were going to suspend my license. I drive as a major facet of my occupation working in the healthcare field. My sister performed a net search and came across Rob Collier. I called him and explained what happened at the beginning of the year. I connected him with the lawyer that I was working with dealing with the death of my friend and other matters related to the case. Rob listened with a great ear, took careful notes and asked me questions of clarification. He posed questions that I would have never thought to inquire about. Within hours he sent documentation to the DMV requesting both a hearing and for me to maintain my license while the process was proceeding.

He took careful time to explain each and every step with me. I was nervous, scared as I had never been in a situation like this before. He coached me to a place of calmness. He went over a lengthy series of questions that he was prepared to ask in testimony. This alleviated many of my fears and concerns. He took the time to answer all of my questions that I felt and believed needing questioning. The entire process with DMV took about 6 – 9 months. He took the steps in the entire process to talk with me to keep me updated and informed of all matters. He contracted with a well known accident reconstruction specialist to aid in my defense.

Coming from a working class family, I was concerned about how to pay for services. He worked in a very professional, timely fashion to work out an appropriate payment mechanism so that I could be represented. He was of the utmost professional caliber. Questions that my family had he was open to speaking with them to answer their respective questions. I found him to be a professional comfort and well versed in the matters of DMV. He took the time to get to know me in order to present the best possible case. After many hearings, the DMV ruled in my favor and I was able to maintain my license as a direct credit to the work of Rob Collier and his team. I give them 100 stars!!!!!!

Bobby W.
Mr. Collier, it was important to take the time to mention how having your services has been helpful in the unfortunate and unplanned situation I’ve found myself in. Mr. Barba’s office highly recommended your DMV services, and rightly so.
Your presenting and explaining all my options has helped guide me in making informed decisions during this process. There is no possible way I could have the necessary insights on my own. Your professional and practical input and recommendations have been appreciated during this entire ordeal.
This morning I opened your email and attachments. We only spoke yesterday afternoon. And, as promised, once again you were prompt and detailed. Thank you for always being “on it” with your time and attention in preparing my case along the way. Surely you have many cases and beyond busy. Yet, somehow, you manage to make it feel like my case is as important as any other.
Some people simply cross their fingers for a favorable outcome. Maybe because that’s all they have available to them. Truthfully, and most likely, I will find myself doing this as well. Let’s face it, I need all the help I can get. Whatever happens with the Administrative Review, your efforts on my behalf are truly appreciated. Thank you.
Gina D.
As a result of a medical issue, the DMV suspended my driving privilege. My poor brother-in-law, kicking and screening, became my personal driver from then on.

For our first hearing, we had no idea about what to expect and didn’t understand the gravity of the situation. We showed up unprepared and left defeated and in despair. We were offered a second chance if we wished to appeal the result of the first hearing. We welcomed that opportunity, but still not sure about what we needed and how to present our case again. We had heard that we should get an advocate, but that’s all we knew.

Luckily we found Rob. We were very fortunate to cross path with an extremely knowledgeable and professional advocate. He graciously met us at our place for our first meeting. Right away we realized we were working with an expert and a dedicated partner.

He started with rescheduling our hearing to buy us more time for preparation. Next he looked at what we had accomplished so far and developed an action plan scheduling the steps we need to accomplish together to be ready for DMV.

While we were gathering the documents we needed, he prepared us to be ready for our next meeting at our hearing.

We were totally prepared when it was time for our hearing. Like an experienced attorney he asked us pertinent questions which we had prepared and no surprises. Very simply he had control over the hearing and everything fell in the desired path and we left victorious.

There was no doubt to the role he played in this journey with us. He saved us from an unfortunate situation. We realized how valuable his presence was. He made us confident in him and ourselves too. He really was invaluable. As his part we are eternally grateful to him.

Rob Collier is the consummate professional. He represented my wife when her license was suspended for a medical concern. We had no idea how complex the process of fighting the department was, and would not have been able to win the case without Rob’s direction. He was meticulous in preparation and ensured that my wife was equally prepared for the hearing. This allowed her to present confidently in front of the hearing officer and resulted in a full restoration of driving privileges. I will gladly refer anyone in need of this type of service to California Drivers Advocates and Rob Collier. I can state with absolute certainty that we would not have been able to win this hearing without Rob. Words cannot express my gratitude for Rob and this outstanding and very unique organization.
Joe C.
I cannot Thank You enough for your patience, professionalism, and exquisite attention to details in handling my DMV hearing.

As you know from our conversations, a valid drivers license is a requirement of employment for my sales skill set. Your determination and analysis of the situation are what give me a chance to continue my employment search after being laid off.

Thank you also for answering all of my repetitive inquiries regarding details, procedures, and potential consequences, beyond “normal” working hours including Saturdays! Thankfully I found you!

Christina G.
I am writing to commend you on a job well done. As you know, I was ordered into the DMV for a “Re-Examination” following a terrifying ordeal. I was just pulling out of a restaurant drive-thru when the floor mat of my car shifted and depressed the accelerator. My car suddenly took off like a rocket and within seconds I had collided with a sign and a parked car. My car continued out of control and I was only able to stop it by turning off the ignition. Despite that, the DMV suspended my driver license and accused me of lacking the skill to drive.

After much searching, I hired Mr. Rob Collier from California Drivers Advocates to represent me.

I am an attorney and would advocate against using an attorney for administrative proceedings in front of the DMV. As an Attorney I do not find the majority of them to be ethical and they definitely do not know the Vehicle Code as well as Mr. Collier. I was very nervous during the proceeding, but Mr. Collier considered my nervousness and was completely supportive. I feel the DMV hearing officers respect Mr. Collier, which gives him an edge in a hearing. I feel he has such a command of the DMV process that planning my defense was easy for him. Mr. Collier was very respectful of the DMV hearing officer even though she had a tendency to be difficult. The hearing officer was the Judge and the Jury, but Mr. Collier explained everything to her in a way she could comprehend.

Thank you to Mr. Collier, but I hope I do not need do not need your services again. We won the hearing and my driving privilege was reinstated without restricted. I am a relieved and happy customer.

N.S. from San Diego
Hi Rob,
Thank you for all of the help and guidance you provided over the past 7 weeks. You were the first person to call me and help me with my case after I sent a request through Yelp, which meant a lot.
Whether it was through phone calls or email, you were always accessible and did a thorough job in preparing all of the documentation and answering any questions. If I have any friends or family that are in a similar situation, I would not hesitate to recommend your firm to them.
By the way, my dad had a return flight back to Georgia this morning and I’m glad to I got the opportunity to drive him to the airport. He also wanted to say thank you for all that you did.
I hadn’t realized that my auto insurance had lapsed as my insurance did not inform me (ZERO STARS FOR ALLSTATE!), and was involved in a fender bender with minimal damage to both cars, but now I had to deal with the DMV.

After doing research online and speaking with a number of legal offices, my gut said go with Rob. I was looking for someone with lots of experience in dealing with the DMV and after speaking with him I trusted that he knew what he was doing. He gave an honest assessment of my chances of prevailing and his defense strategy made sense. After retaining him, all communication with the DMV was through Rob and I was kept in the loop throughout the entire case. It turned out that I didn’t need to deal with the DMV at all as Rob represented me at the hearing without me being present. I would’ve rated Rob’s services as 5 Stars even if we hadn’t prevailed but in the end, the DMV ruled in my favor and we won! Thanks Rob!

Henry T.
Don’t call anyone else. Rob is very knowledgeable and will fight for you. Thank god I was referred to him by a friend. And I highly recommend him. It was worth every penny. He got my case dropped completely and I kept my class A drivers license. Thank you Rob !!
Nelson B.
Thank you for a job well done…If I or someone I know ever gets into a jam with DMV, I will call CDAs’ super Rob Collier to the RESCUE!
Kirk L.
Thank you for sending the letters. As I said before I appreciate the work you put into my case. I believe, and as the results show, you did an excellent job of handling and investigating the case. Had the hearing not gone favorably I still believe it would not have been for lack of effort, but we did win. My case had several unfavorable facts, but you still managed to attack the issue in respect to the foundational requirements. I never had a doubt that you were not looking out for my best interest and I cannot say enough how grateful I am for the effort and work you put into my case.
John W.
I cannot tell you how relieved I am to hear that we won my hearing. I certainly was not expecting any decisions before the end of the week, and was so delighted to receive your message today!!
Thank you so much for your help. I mean that. After our hearing, I knew in my heart, the only reason the hearing officer budged or even listened to our argument was because of your argument. I certainly was not celebrating or even allowing myself to feel confident after the hearing, but deep inside I felt at ease.
I would recommend you to anyone and think you are a professional and remarkable person.
Thank you again. This means more than you may imagine. It’s been a very difficult year for me. I am an unusually independent person and this has halted my life in more ways than most, so I finally feel a sense of self and freedom again.
Chris C.
Hi Rob,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Here is an honest review that you can post as long as it remains anonymous. As I’m sure you can imagine, I don’t want my name to be attached.

After receiving a letter in the mail saying that my license would be revoked in ten days I panicked. I had no idea what to do. After some research online I knew that I needed a professional to represent me at my DMV hearing for reckless driving. I contacted several lawyers, but no one felt right.

Then I called Rob. DMV hearings are what he specializes in. Rob instilled confidence in me by explaining his system for handling hearings. He calmed me down by explaining the process from start to finish. He helped me prepare, first over the phone, and then in person on the day of the hearing. He knew what questions the hearing officer would ask, and he helped me explain my situation in the best possible light.

On the day of the hearing it felt like a had a bulldog in my corner. Rob was professional, confident, and prepared. Everything went exactly as he said it would. When I received my decision in the mail I was relieved to see that my case had been “set aside,” which is DMV speak for dismissed.

I HIGHLY recommend Rob Collier at California Drivers Advocates

– Anonymous

T. F. San Diego
Dear Mr. Collier, I am writing to thank you for the quality of your representation. I appreciate your frankness and sensitivity in explaining the aspects of my DMV Administrative Per Se-hearing with which I fortunately have had no prior first-hand experience.
I am very happy with the outcome of my hearing as well as the time and effort that you put into acquiring the outcome. You combed through the details of my case with a diligence and meticulousness that is invaluable in any profession. When the DMV officer congratulated me on a set-aside, effectively dismissing the DUI charge, it was affirmation that I had attained the best possible representation.
My interactions with you and your colleagues was exceptionally professional and your attentiveness was tremendously beneficial in calming my anxiety throughout the hearing process. I will emphatically refer you and California Drivers Advocates in the future. Again, thank you.
Janet A
My license was suspended from a Priority Reexamination Mandate from a Police Officer at the scene of an accident I realized after my initial interview at the DMV that I needed professional help. I contacted Rob Collier at the California Drivers Advocates and from that point on, I felt assured of a positive outcome in my next DMV Examination. To be sure, there were thoughts that I could handle this myself and save some money but good sense prevailed. My strongest advice is: Let Rob Collier handle your case! You have no idea what the DMV can use against you or what Rob can use for your behalf. There are legal rules of what the DMV can use and how Rob can counter; if you do not know those rules, you will not succeed.

Rob prepared my case as if I were going before the Supreme Court! He calmed my anxieties and ensured I was duly prepared for my next DMV meeting. I was infact so well prepared by Rob that I handled what would have been an intimidating DMV meeting with composure and confidence. If you want your licence back Do Not Go Solo!. Let Rob and his team take this puzzling matter full of “booby-traps” and turn it around in your favor. I honestly can not say enough about his professionalism and thoroughness.

Thank you Rob Collier, President of California Drivers Advocates!!!

Daniel S.
Thank you for every little and great big thing you’ve done in helping my uncle and giving him the counsel and advice he needed to successfully regain his driving privilege.

Without you and your support, experience, knowledge, patience and excellent communication skills, he wouldn’t have stood a chance against the DMV.

Rob, you’re a professional whose expertise in these matters is unmatched.

The skill you display in navigating the system is truly remarkable and I’m so grateful for all your time and effort on my Uncle’s behalf during the entire process.

Your sincerity and dedication is especially appreciated because of all the questions I sent to you (in emails) for several months before we asked you to represent him. You answered each of my questions and didn’t ask for a cent. One time you responded to one of my emails while you were attending a funeral! I felt badly for being a nuisance but it sure impressed me, knowing you were so committed to your work. It showed how much you cared about helping people.

Thank you for the difference you’re making in the lives of others who don’t know where to turn until they find you!

Your helpful, courteous staff wonderfully reflects you and your high standard of professionalism.

I will always remember this as being a very positive experience.

Best Regards,

Mindy H.
As a satisfied client, I want to thank you Rob, for all your hard work and dedication towards my case.
Rob helped me win my difficult case. I was facing violation of probation for a previous DUI. If you’re looking to put a strategic fighter in your corner after a DUI, and need help with the DMV hearing then Rob Collier is your go to man. He’s not only professional and experienced, but he is also very compassionate and understanding. He answered all my questions, doubts, or concerns I had. He is patient and fully accessible by phone and by email. He listens carefully and did not rush me any of the times we spoke. He understands the gravity of the situation and uses his experience, knowledge and expertise to achieve the most beneficial outcome. This is someone you can trust to give you solid advice. It’s really good to know an Advocate like Rob who truly cares about his clients and their specific needs.
I strongly recommend Mr. Collier’s services to anyone searching for an Advocate to represent them.
H. S. - Riverside

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