Wm. Darryl Kidd, DMV consultant and Advocate

The latest addition to our DMV Defense team is Mr. Darryl Kidd. Darryl retired as a Senior Hearing Officer after a 25 year career with the California Department of Motor Vehicles. His career began at the field office level where he worked to evaluate and qualify applicants for the California Driver License. Darryl then transferred to the Division of Driver Safety where he was promoted to the position of Hearing Officer.

Over the next 21 years, Darryl presided over nearly 30,000 DMV hearings to evaluate the driving ability and competency of California Drivers. As a Hearing Officer, Darryl’s duty was to sit in judgment at a wide variety of administrative hearings. He was the “Trier of Fact” in hearings involving persons accused of DUI, negligent operation, fraud and fatality traffic collisions.


 He also specialized in physical and mental reexaminations where a driver was suspected of being unsafe to drive, because of a physical ailment. In this capacity, he reviewed tens of thousands of documents, examined countless witnesses and made rulings on objections. Finally, Darryl would make findings and decisions on a person’s ability to drive based upon the totality of the case. Darryl also performed “double-duty” by working with disabled veterans through the Employment Development Department and investigated discrimination complaints through the Department of Fair Employment and Housing. He is an expert in a variety of administrative law and is available to testify as an expert witness in the field.

Darryl’s education and experience enables him to work in a broad spectrum of issues but his specialty is administrative hearings at the DMV. With 2.5 decades of experience, a broad base of knowledge and training, and a level of competency that is hard to find, Darryl is now devoted to protecting the rights of California drivers. Darryl is a key element to our success and stands ready to assist you in preserving your privilege to drive.

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Rob Collier
Mr. Collier served with distinction as a Law Enforcement Specialist with the United States Air Force and received an honorable discharge. He is a graduate of the United States Air Force Security Police Academy and the United States Army Police Investigators School. While stationed at Edwards Air Force Base, Mr. Collier was one of the first Security Police Specialists to provide “close‐in” security for Space Shuttle Missions when that program was new. Mr. Collier is a Distinguished Graduate of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Academy (Class 228) and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Special Weapons and Tactics School (SWAT). He received specialized training in basic accident investigation and determining speed from skids at the San Bernardino Sheriff Academy. For nearly 15 years, Mr. Collier was the Operations Officer for one of the most prominent specialty DUI law firms in the country. Reporting directly to that firm’s owner, Mr. Collier directed the day to day operations of DUI attorneys, investigators, expert witnesses and support staff. He developed the firm’s “white glove” policy of client care that is now the hallmark of our company. He has been involved in the preparation, investigation, and presentation of literally thousands of DMV administrative hearings throughout Southern California. Receiving hands on training from defense attorneys, retired DMV hearing officers, and some of the best scientific experts in the field, Mr. Collier possesses a unique level of experience; making him a true expert in the field of Administrative Advocacy. Mr. Collier is our Chief Advocate and available to represent clients in all categories of DMV hearings in California. If your case is assigned to one of our other professional advocates, Mr. Collier will personally review and supervise each case. He is accessible to each and every one of our clients.